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A Small Town with a Big History

Kendenup is a small rural town situated in the farming community of the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. It has wonderful views of both the Porongorup Range to the south and the Stirling Range to the north-east.

It is within an hours drive from the Stirling Ranges and the Porongurup Range and an from the beautiful beaches and city of Albany with its great shopping and eating out facilities. There is also an interesting collection of historical places to see with old buildings and a gold 'mine' among the Kendenup icons to visit.

The Kendenup nature based camping grounds next to the Agricultural Pavilion and oval provides facilities [toilets, showers and wireless internet] for overnight or up to week long camping and in busy times can be very popular.

Poronurup Range Great Southern Western Australia
Porongorup Range
Stirling Range Great Southern Western Australia
Stirling Range
Kendenup Markets Western Australia
Kendenup Markets

It is part of the Shire of Plantagenet 345 kilometres south east of Perth and 22 kilometres north of Mount Barker just 5 kilometres from the Albany Highway.

It All Started When ...

The historical beginnings of Kendenup go right back to soon after May 1831 when a Dr. Alexander Collie led an expedition accompanied by the Noongar man Mokare up the Kalgan River from King George's Sound (which was soon to become Albany).

Collie was granted 5,000 acres (2,000 ha) in the Kendenup area and thus started a century plus farming culture which has featured large apple growing orchards and wheat and sheep farming, but which now mainly consists of a variety of grain production, sheep and cattle as well as grapes for wines and export.

In the 1920's the Kendenup Fruit Packing Company was established to pack farm produce for the community which had steadily developed and a local store [Ridge Brothers circa 1926] school [1921], town hall [circa 1934] and other community facilities.


In 1872 stone samples were submitted from which 4 ounces of gold were extracted nevertheless it was not enough to establish a durable mining operation. However remains of the old gold mine, a mining pit and nearby Battery, used for crushing the ore, can be still found on Jellicoe Road, south of the townsite.

World War 2

During World War 2 from 4 November 1943 to 23 May 1946 the town was the site of an internment camp housing 200 Italian prisoners of war who were assigned as labourers to farms in the area.


Book Release:

The Alert Grey Twinkling Eyes of C. J. DeGaris
By David Nichols

The Eyes of C J DeGarisDavid Nichols tells the story of this extraordinary comet in the Australian sky of a century ago with a vigour, humour and empathy appropriate to DeGaris himself. The tragedy that the man brings upon himself and his family, and the cruelty of fate, make a universal story as well as an unexplored piece of Australian history that stretches from the birth of Mildura, through to the South Australian settlement of Pyap, to the exciting creation of a new kind of 'colony' at Kendenup, and Melbourne's roaring twenties.

The book will be published on the 100th anniversary of Kendenup, the rural town founded in southern WA by DeGaris.



The Weather

Temperatures in Kendenup are reasonably moderate with summer highs mostly to 35 degrees with occasional days hitting the 40 mark. However being not far from the south coast and with the two ranges close by the nights cool down nicely and seldom are there more than a couple of days extremely hot without it cooling down to the mid 20's.

Winter can get cold down to 4 and 5 at night with the occassional 2 but very seldom gets below that. However the winters are longer along the south coast regions with the temperatures not climbing above 25 regularly till late November into December.

Autumn is the best time of the year with the temperatures in as early as mid February to right through to the end of June ranging in the very comfortable night lows of 12 to day warms of 25. It is similar in October and November but more likely to get the occassional cold day still.

Rainfall is mostly from late June to September but the occassional shower or storm all year around means the countryside is generally green most of the year making it a very picturesque region.

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