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Kendenup is a great place to stay for a few days and there are plenty of accommodation options in and close to the township. Stay for an extended period as its close proximity to the coast as well as rural landmarks provide a perfect base for venturing out and exploring the countryside. During September through to as late as January the countryside is home to great Australian Wildflowers and the Great Southern coastline has plenty of world famous views to take in and explore.

The Stirling CircleThe Stirling Circle

195kms / 2 1/2 hours plus stopping time

Places of Interest

• Bluff Knoll and Mount Trio; allow 1 - 3 hours; does not include climb *

• Salt River Road; lakes, wildflowers and wildlife; allow 1 - 3 hours *

• Cranbrook; allow 30 mins *

* approximate minimum stoppage times to allow


NOTE: Alternative routes gravel only

Bluff Knoll
Bluff Knoll
Salt River Road Wildlife
Salt River Road Wildlife
Camel Lake Nature Reserve
Camel Lake Nature Reserve

Frankland River DenmarkFrankland River and Denmark

285kms / 3 1/2 hours plus stopping time

Places of Interest

• Nunijup Lake; allow 15mins * - sadly no swimming but a nice picnic spot

• Frankland River Wine Region; allow 30 mins *

• Rocky Gully; allow 30 mins *

• Denmark; allow 2 - 3 hours *

• Narrikup Cricket Ground; allow 30 mins *


* approximate minimum stoppage times to allow

Nunijup Lake
Nunijup Lake

Narrikup Cricket Ground
Narrikup Cricket Ground

Plantagent Region Wineries Plantagent Region Wineries Drive

• Check with the winery to confirm times

• 'appt' implies 'By Appointment Only' - simply phone ahead to make an appointment.

• Times may change without notice to this website.

• Allow time for each stop; minimum to enjoy the experience not less than an hour, some places you WILL stay longer. Visit the websites to plan an itinerary to suit your taste and time allowance.

Porongurup Vineyards
Porongurup Winery Vineyards
Vineyards Muir Hwy
Vineyards Muir Hwy
Vineyards Kendenup
Vineyards Kendenup

• 1: Hawker Ridge Wines: 115 Forster Rd Kendenup [appt] HAWKERRIDGEWINES.COM

• 2: Arcadia Wines: 2875 Red Gum Pass Road Kendenup [Fri - Sun 10am-5pm] ARCADIAWINES.COM.AU

• 3: Gilberts Wines: 30138 Albany Highway [Fri - Mon 10am - 5pm / or appt] GILBERTWINES.COM.AU

• 4: Trevelen Farm Winery: 506 Weir Rd Trevelen [appt: 10.30am - 4pm] TREVELENFARM.COM.AU

• 5: Ferngrove Frankland River Wines: 276 Ferngrove Rd Frankland [Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm] FERNGROVE.COM.AU

• 6: Alkoomi Wines: 1141 Wingebellup Rd Frankland [Mon - Sat 10am - 4.30pm] ALKOOMIWINES.COM.AU

• 7: Frankland Estate: Rocky Gully Rd Frankland [Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm] FRANKLANDESTATE.COM.AU

• 8: West Cape Howe Winery: 14923 Muirs Hwy [7 days 10am - 5pm] WESTCAPEHOWEWINES.COM.AU

• 9: Galafrey Wines: 432 Quangellup Rd Mount Barker [7 days 10am - 5pm] GALAFREYWINES.COM.AU

• 10: Poachers Ridge: 1630 Spencer Rd Narrikup [Fri - Sun 10am - 4pm] POACHERSRIDGE.COM.AU

• 11: Windrush Wines: Cnr St Werburghs and Hay Roads Mount Barker [Fri - Sun 10am - 5pm] WINDRUSHWINES.COM.AU

• 12: Chatsfield Wines: 616 O'Neill Rd Mount Barker [appt]

• 13: Plantagenet Winery: Lot 45 Albany Hwy Mount Barker [7 days 10am - 4.30pm] PLANTAGENETWINES.COM.AU

• 14: Springviews Wines: Woodlands Road Porongurup [appt]

• 15: Dukes Winery: 1328 Porongurup Road [7 days 10am - 4.30pm]

• 16: Jingalla Wines: 54 Bolganup Rd Porongurup [appt]

• 17: Ironwood Estate Wines: 2191 Porongurup Road [Wed - Mon 11am - 5pm] IRONWOODESTATEWINES.COM.AU

• 18: Millinup Estate Wines: 2226 Porongurup Road Porongurup [appt] THORNSMOUNTAINRETREATS.COM.AU

• 19: Abbey Creek Vineyard: 2388 Porongurup Road [appt: 7 days 10am - 5pm] ABBEYCREEK.COM.AU

• 20: Mount Trio Vineyard: 2534 Porongurup Road [appt] MOUNTTRIOWINES.COM.AU

• 21: Castle Rock Estate: 2660 Porongurup Road [7 days 10am - 5pm] CASTLEROCKESTATE.COM.AU

• 22: Zarephath Wines: 424 Moorialup Road Porongurup [7 days 11am - 4pm] ZAREPHATHWINES.COM

Cheynes Bay Nanarup Two Peoples BayCheynes Bay - Nanarup - Two Peoples Bay

Round Trip: Approximately * 300kms - 4 hours plus stopping time

* Dependent on route taken

Two Peoples Bay is a picturesque duel bay featured on Windows 10 as a screen photo such is its beauty.

Cheynes Bay is a popular family getaway with a long stretching accessible beach varying from open surf to sheltered cove with shallow waters seemingly designed just for toddlers. Around the corner from the beach are rocks where there is great fishing but as always be careful and ask for local knowledge when fishing off rocks on the Great Southern Coastline.

Nanarup is a quiet inlet 'lake' with walkable and at the right tide driveable access to the open water just right for family fishing, swimming, boating and kayaking.

A great day can be had visiting all three spots in the one day and still have time to spend a couple of hours or more at any one of the three. All have great picnic areas and bar-b-que as well as toilet facilities.

Cheynes Bay
Cheynes Bay Fishing
Cheynes Bay / Rock Fishing
Two Peoples Bay West
Two Peoples Bay East
Two Peoples Bay West / East and Kiteboarding
Nanarup Inlet
Nanarup walkway
Nanarup Inlet and Walkway
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