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The Stirling Circle Tourist Drive

The Stirling Range provide a day out among magnificent vistas if rolling mountains and jagged peaks. Watch out for the unique Australian Wildlife and in September thru to January the wildflowers, some which can be seen all year round, are particularly prolific.

Take some extra time and in the right conditions for your vehicle travel Red Gum Pass and the Stirling Range Drive where you will be able to get right in amongst the wildflowers and find some interesting walks.

Climbing Bluff Knoll, Mount Trio or one of the other many hills that are suitably accessible you will see vistas stretching away to the distance across farmlands and national parks.

Plan well ahead and be prepared for climbing; allow plenty of time and take adequate provisions. The Bluff Knoll climb is a round walk and climb of 6kms, can take up to four hours and needs a reasonable level of fitness.

The Stirling CircleThe Stirling Circle

195kms / 2 1/2 hours plus stopping time

Places of Interest

• Bluff Knoll and Mount Trio; allow 1 - 3 hours; does not include climb *

• Salt River Road; lakes, wildflowers and wildlife; allow 1 - 3 hours *

• Cranbrook; allow 30 mins *

* approximate minimum stoppage times to allow


NOTE: Alternative routes gravel only

Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll

Camel Lake Nature Reserve

Camel Lake Nature Reserve

Salt River Road Australian Emu

Australian Emu

Australian Wildflowers

Australian Wildflowers

western brush black-gloved wallaby

Brush Black-Gloved Wallaby

Mt Toolbrunup

Mt Toolbrunup

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